Trebeshina Source

Born in the heart of the mountain for more than a few centuries ago the source of natural mineral water Trebeshina located at “Gryka e kelcyres” is simply a natural miracle. (more…)


Trebeshina is located at the heart of Albania’s Deep South, in a narrow cleft of a valley nestling in the southern Kelcyre Hills and the National park in a wonderful landscape that nature has offered. (more…)

Facilities & Technology

About 200m from the river Vjosa terrace, is build the biggest and technologically most advanced factory in Albania that bottles Trebeshina Water directly from the source untouched  (more…)

Analysis & Certification

Trebeshina Natural Mineral Water undergoes rigorous tests every day in order to make sure that we always deliver our water as pure as it was intended to be by nature. Trebeshina is considered (more…)

About Us


Trebeshina LTD Company is one of “HARI LENA GROUP” companies. The concepts and ideas for Trebeshina were first raised in 2007; the implementation of the project started within 2007-2008, and this project was finalized in June of 2009, when the first product of Trebeshina raised in the Albanian market. The company has done a huge investment


in acquiring the best technologies and equipment available in order to ensure this way the highest quality of products to the consumer. Our main aim is for Trebeshina to be continuously the most beloved water brand and company in the Balkan region and also to expand throughout the high quality of our products in many international markets.



Trebeshina water is rich and well-balanced in minerals with an exceptional taste.

Calcium is an essential mineral for healthy bones, gums and teeth.

Ca++ 69,2 mg/l

Magnesium is required for efficient muscle and nerve function.

Mg++ 5,1 mg/l

Bicarbonate contributes in maintaining perfect body balance by adjusting our body’s pH balance.

pH 7,6

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