A few words about who we are and what we do


Trebeshina LTD is a Natural Mineral Water bottling company, part of “HARI LENA GROUP” companies.The concepts and ideas for Trebeshina were first raised in 2006; the implementation of the project started within 2007-2008, and this project was finalized in June of 2009, when the first product of Trebeshina was sold. The company has done a huge investment in acquiring the best technologies and equipment available in order to deliver and ensure this way the highest quality of products to the consumer.

Our dream is for our products to be synonymous for quality and trust.We believe that Trebeshina is a gift from nature to the whole world.

Our mission is to deliver and make this gift available exactly as it was intended by nature to every single one of us.






Trebeshina is located at the heart of Albania’s deep south, in a narrow cleft of a valley nestling in the southern Kelcyre Mountains and the National Park in a wonderful landscape that nature has offered.

Exactly on “Gryka e Kelcyres” famous throughout the region by all for its nature and touristic values as geographical location with rich vegetation, untouched natural pure water sources flowing from the heart of Trebeshina Mountain.

In that naturally virgin and panoramic place of South Albania from a highly protected geological origin, far from any industrial or urban activities, in a place that nature and water meet with Harmony is the place where Trebeshina water is Born.