Trebeshina-Unicef Cooperation

Trebeshina Natural Mineral Water Company and UNICEF have launched a joint communication initiative for Children in Albania. Trebeshina water bottles will carry important messages for parents and the public at large. The messages will be displayed on the bottles of water that Trebeshina is expecting to sell.

The campaign focuses on the wellbeing of young children. The messages will help parents, families, caregivers and even grandparents to pay attention to the importance of the first three years of a child.

The first message to be printed on each bottle is: Talk, play and read to your child

The early stimulation of young children has a most significant effect on her future life. The brain develops most rapidly during the first three years. This is the time, where parents can help determine the learning ability of their children and how successful they may become in life.

We are proud that Trebeshina natural mineral water bottles will carry the message “talk, play and read to your child” and also especially proud to be the first Albanian water brand that support this huge campaign.